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Homestead, Over Age 65, Disabled Person
& Disabled Veteran Exemptions
Change  of Address

General Appraisal District Questions




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Residential Homes Values
Manufactured (Mobile) Home Values
Structural Improvements - Pools / Barns/ Sheds



Business Personal Property

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Corporate / Home Businesses

Renditions of Inventory

Vehicle Inventory

Oil & Gas / Mineral Accounts

Charitable Organizations

Freeports / Pollution Control


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Commercial Properties

Apartments / Shopping Retail

Rural Land / Agricultural

Bee Keeping / Wildlife



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GIS / Maps

Ownership / Deed Changes

Sales Surveys

Subdivision Plats

Property Identification / Location

Land Acreage



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Appointment of Agent

Arbitration / Litigations / Lawsuits


Appraisal Review Board (ARB)


Information Technology

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Website Issues

eFile / Online Protests

Data Requests

Open Record Requests


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Chief Appraiser / Deputy Chief Appraisers

Budget / Finance / Entity Allocations

Accounts Payable / Invoices

Human Resources


Open Record Requests

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